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This is Turning Point

Get a blog, you need a blog, WHY don’t you have a blog. I’m shy and I’m busy-I guess that sort of sums it up. So for starters, we’ll keep it simple. We do a lot of weddings, we do all things video production. Promotional videos,¬†corporate video,¬†commercials, independant films, and recently music videos- but we do a lot of weddings. There is truly nothing in the world like creating a wedding video (or film as they’ve come to be known). I still get nervous before every wedding, I figure if that changes I’ll probably just step down and pass the reigns to someone else. But I don’t plan on doing that any time soon, I’m having way too much fun.

We feel that it is our responsibility to fill whatever role you want us to play be it a documentary approach or a 3 or 5 man crew to producing a truly unique wedding video. The possibilities are endless, but don’t be overwhelmed – we’ll figure it out together. If you dig our stuff, give me a call and we can see if we might be a good match. Talk to you soon. In the meantime, here’s a clip from one of our latest creations.

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