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All My Secrets Away

Filming in Chicago is a love/hate relationship. You’re never going to find better locations to shoot a bride and groom. The city can cater to whatever style you’re looking for and whatever mood you’re trying to set. The traffic and the parking on the other hand, that’s a whole different blog. I always hate having to go down there (and driving a Chevy Silverado doesn’t make it any easier). But once I’m there and we’re shooting, wild horses can’t drag me away.

Tom and Michelle’s wedding was no exception. The hike from Tinley Park to the Sheraton was taxing. Especially when all you can think about is the daylight your burning just sitting in stand still traffic. We grabbed some cool shots at the Sheraton then party-bussed it over to Lake Michigan where I would have bet money we were about to witness a hurricane if not for our place on the map. Umbrellas blowing inside out, waves crashing up onto the walkway, grey ominous clouds. So we retreat and upon arriving back at the Sheraton (10 mins max) we look up to see some of the most amazing clouds dancing across the skyline.

All in all, a fantastic shoot, superb wedding and kick ass reception. Congratulations Tom and Michelle, here’s a teaser trailer of their wedding.

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