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What’s worse than being a guest at a lame party? Being the host.

Last year we had the privilege of working with one of the hippest bands around Chicago. Richie Davis from the Chicago Catz called us up and we talked for quite some time. These guys are the real deal, I thought to myself. The stories I heard, the places they had been, the people they had played alongside. Man, my head was spinning. Make no mistake, it wasn’t Richie doing some unsolicited name dropping, it was one honest answer to a question I asked that sparked me to ask a follow up question whose answer sparked another question and then another. You see where this is going right.

We’ve shot a couple of different gigs for the Chicago Catz and each time they simply owned the stage, owned the crowd, and owned the night. The passion for what they do and their talent just combines into this unstoppable energy that doesn’t quit until it creeps into your feet and hands forcing you to get down and dance. To cut loose and enjoy yourself. Now try to imagine staying focused long enough to shoot a video. It wasn’t easy.

Since our first conversation, Richie and I have became friends. We don’t go hang out every Tuesday on a bowling league, but our phone calls definitely do not follow the traditional client/service provider template. But then again, I guess neither one of us are exactly traditional. I can say that Richie is a stand up guy, someone who really cares about making people happy and making good music. If that’s not the guy you want in charge of the good times at your event, I don’t know who is. Check them out at


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