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It’s not that important

Contrary to popular belief your work is not too important that you cannot take a break to go outside and bask in the glorious sunshine. Ok maybe if you’re a doctor and your scheduled for open heart surgery or something of the like. Yeah you should probably just wait to have your relaxing moment. Also, good for you. I’m sure that’s a very stressful thing to do and I would not want to switch places with you. But the rest of us who do not currently have a life hanging in the balance of our next decision, we should just take some time to enjoy the small things in life.

“But wait anonymous Turning Point author” you say, “I do not have the slightest idea of how to relax and surely I do not want to go have a beer whilst I’m working. What pray tell should I do?”

Fear not loyal reader for we have put together a small collection of things which bring us a zen-like feeling of peace and or excitement. You can check it out by clicking the word HERE.

We are curious what you do to unwind and take your mind of things. For example, back when I worked in a cubicle for a living I would sneak down and out the rear of the building and really just waste time watching people in their cars at the stop light on Golf Road and some street I cannot remember. Man it’s hysterical to see the performances people put on in their car. Dramatic sing alongs, the rear view mirror makeup application, unmentionable habits concerning ones nose-that really creeps me out. One of my favorites was to see multiple dudes (in different cars) checking out a pretty woman. You really get to see the various approaches to “inconspicuously looking”. And the inevitable “oh crap, she just caught me, act natural. la la la.”

So anyway, this was just a quick post to say “hey, enjoy yourself”. Keep on keepin’ on.

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