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In Your Arms (Rich + Solongo)

It is a quiet Sunday in May, Mother’s Day to be exact. The sun is laying it’s warm light unto an ivy covered chapel at the University of Chicago. Inside there is a low hum of conversations, the laughter of a few children and . I meter the light, check my audio recorders one last time and then stopped. There was something that I couldn’t identify, something that had been trying to get my attention ever since I arrived for the bridal preparations. Then it became so clear. I could not help but notice this incredible feeling of peace. It lingered on the slight breeze coming from outside through the chapel doors. It filled the small room and embraced everyone in it. This was not our typical wedding. It was a small intimate affair with about 30 friends and loved ones in attendance. And that peaceful, easy feeling? Well the Eagles were no where in sight, but it would stay with us all day long. In retrospect, I suppose it was a combination of Rich and Solongo’s personalities as well as that of their families mixed in with a terrific lazy Sunday in the city of Chicago. Yes, my friends even the ever-crowded Michigan avenue seemed to be so with a pleasant manner. Riding in the limo with the newlyweds, some family members, Archie the puppy and the amazing photographer Millicent Wong felt like taking a cruise with some old friends.

Congratulations to Rich and Solongo and thanks for inviting us out to be a part of such an incredible and intimate event.

In Your Arms (Rich + Solongo) from Turning Point Productions on Vimeo.

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