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Come Alive (Patrick + Jordan)

Patrick and Jordan are standing on a handmade wooden bridge spanning a small but deep enough pond at the Japanese Gardens. Kate is working closely with the photographer bottling some awesomeness as she’s known to do. I’m cooly composing a nice wide angle shot as I sometimes do then SPLASH! In that nanosecond it takes to turn your head to the left there are so many thoughts racing and bursting through my mind it’s staggering. Is that my camera? Bride? Groom? Was that a frog? Might of been a fish. Is that my camera? Bouquet? Maybe a walnut from a tree or someth- My Camera?!? I focus my gaze on four people, Kate, Patrick, Jordan and our beloved photographer. Check, all present and accounted for. My camera-check. So what in the hell made that noise? My gaze now connects with Kate’s. Except that her gaze is not one of a puzzling nature, she’s freaking out. I would be too if I just dropped my keys into the biggest koi pond this side of the Rockies. The long and short of it is that Kate is a pretty girl and there’s a high school boy that works at the Japanese Gardens who was willing to go in after the keys. I told him when he’s old enough I’d buy him a case of beer. All joking aside he really was the nicest kid, you can imagine. And thanks to him, we could film Patrick and Jordan’s wedding uninterrupted.

As for the couple, they didn’t drop anything into the small lake, but they did have an amazing wedding day filled with hilarious friends and family, tons of loved ones, great moments and a small power outage at the reception. Congratulations to Patrick and Jordan and thanks for inviting us out to be a part of such an awesome wedding. Check out their trailer to get a glimpse of the love these two share. It’s pretty cool.

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