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White Dress (James + Antonietta)

If the last wedding trailer wasn’t from the hottest day of the year, this was. But you’d never know it by watching Toni and James. They still look incredible! Such great people to film, we are so lucky to do what we do. And how awesome is it that they met each other at a bus stop in Chicago. It was a classic tale of boy sees girl. Boy sees girl. Boy sees girl. Okay, okay boy finally gets the courage up to actually initiate a conversation with girl and as they say folks, the rest is history.

Congratulations to this wonderful couple. They made it so easy to do our jobs. We wish you the best of luck and an eternity of wedded bliss.

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My First True Love (Adam + Senneca)

Adam set up a surprise picnic at the Chicago Botanic Garden, next to a tree dedicated in memory of Fran Ditusa. He got Senneca to go down to the Gardens under the rouse of needing paperwork signed urgently for the memorial tree. Since they were already at the Gardens, Adam then suggested they take a walk to the tree. On arrival, Senneca saw the blanket and the picnic and Adam instantly took his position down on one knee behind her. When she turned around he proposed. The two of them went on to plan one of the classiest weddings in 2012.

They decided to bring things around full circle and get married at the Chicago Botanic Gardens which is an astonishing place and truly breath taking. Every detail from the bride’s dress to Adam’s wonderful speech, the specially choreographed first dance to the Rolls Royce in which they departed at the end of the reception was top notch. Watch the trailer and you can see that even the absolute hottest July day that Chicago could throw at them couldn’t take away from such an incredible event.

And I do mean hot.

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The Shape of Us (Kevin + Amber)

Simultaneously, it seems like a very long time ago and also like it was just last week. Once we get rolling in wedding season things get very busy. As a result, we’ve been absolutely absent with our blog. So for 2013, we plan to keep up with somewhat regular blog entries and website updates. Don’t expect too much though, after all -we’re artists. And timetables inherently don’t sit well with us. To start us out, here is a great trailer from summer 2012. Congratulations to Amber and Kevin. They share lots of wonderful things including being teachers and America’s favorite past time, baseball. Giving a nod to great baseball games everywhere, Amber and Kevin even had a late night hot dog vendor at their wedding. How cool is that?

Sit back and enjoy. Maybe the warmth of this trailer can help you out with those winter chills.


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