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The New Luckiest Man in the World (Michael + Swathi)

Once we got off the plane in Washington D.C. and got all the gear into the rental car, a cool feeling sank in. It was Memorial Day weekend, I’m driving past the Washington monument and on my way to a very unique wedding. Just a mixed bag of thoughts really. Somber remembrance, nervous energy, anxious happiness, but then such is life. We’re constantly bombarded with different things on a daily basis.

Michael and Swathi’s wedding was different. It was different because there were two cultures merging together to form one family. It was different because Michael and Swathi are different. Refreshingly different. They are unique, just like their wedding. They are both so charming and personable and comfortable people to be around. After spending time with their families Friday night before the wedding, the origins of these traits were clear. Their families. Their different families. Different in many ways, but similar just as equally. The heart of these families are the same, loving and beautiful, warm and welcoming. We are honored to have been invited to meet these families and to tell the story of these two remarkable people. Here’s the trailer for Michael and Swathi’s upcoming Turning Point wedding film. Enjoy!

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