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The G-Man Fundraiser, a letter from Chris Bartelt

Dear Friends and Families,

Saturday November 1st 2014 is the Fifth annual Gavin “GMAN” Bartelt Fundraiser to benefit both him and the Walter Lawson Children’s Home (WLCH) in Rockford, IL.  Gavin is my 8 year old son who has a very rare syndrome called Cornelia DeLange Syndrome and other medical conditions requiring him to need 24/7 nursing care.  This event is a vital way for our family to ensure Gavin’s future, as he will never be able to support himself.  In addition, we are expanding this year’s fundraiser to benefit all the children in need who also reside at WLCH (details below).

To see what your money is going towards, this great video created by Kate Bartelt says it all!  Just copy and paste the below text into a web browser

Here are the ways you can contribute, do whatever you can!

***Bowling Nov 1st:   Cost is $40 per bowler, includes 3 games, shoe rental, pizza, and pop.  It will be at Fox Bowl (1101 Butterfield Rd in Wheaton). Our lane reservations start at 2:30pm so arrive a little after 2pm to get everyone settled in.  If you are bowling, please confirm the names of bowlers and if you need shoes, what size asap via email or phone.

***Raffle:  We are raffling off some great prizes during bowling.  Buy as many as you want, the more you buy the better odds of winning….and yes the Bears tickets are returning.  This year is Bears vs. Saints.

***Pledge for Pins:  For example if you pledge 10cents per pin and I bowl a 200, that’s $20 donation.  I am going to take my best score out of the 3 games.  I have potential to bowl anywhere between 170 and 230.

***NEW THIS YEAR: If you would like, you can make a separate TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation directly to Gavin’s nursing home where almost 75 special needs children reside!  Easiest way is a check written to Walter Lawson Children’s Home.  For amounts less than $250 your cancelled check is all you need as proof for taxes.  If you would like to donate more, just get me your name and address so I can have the nursing home send you a statement for taxes.  Gavin and I will make a special delivery to the home after the event.  Keep in mind, public aid nursing homes NEED donations just to stay open and provide services for the kids.


1)  To pay for bowling, raffle tickets, or pledge for pins use cash or write a check payable to Chris Bartelt (bring to event or mail to below address).  This money goes to Gavin’s Special Needs Trust, since he cannot have any money in his name and cannot be a charitable organization.  Please note this money is NOT tax deductible.
2)  To make a separate tax deductible donation directly to the nursing home, please write a check to Walter Lawson Children’s Home.  You can mail to me or bring to the frundraiser.

Spread the word to everyone you know, even if they cannot attend the bowling date.  ALL ARE WELCOME, FRIENDS, FAMILY, COWORKERS!!  DO WHATEVER YOU CAN!  On behalf of Gavin, I want to say how grateful we are for your help year after year!   I cannot express in words how much these fundraisers mean to us.  Thanks again and hope to see you there!

Chris Bartelt
648 South Main St.
Naperville, IL 60540

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Faith (Trevor and Kayla)

It seems like a very short time ago my little niece was running around in a diaper being professionally adorable. I looked away for a moment and when I looked back there stood and extraordinary young woman who constantly inspires and impresses me. It is extremely astounding how fast every little moment in our lives come and go. We talk about them in anxious anticipation in what seems like a life time away. We experience them all too quickly and then we are fortunate enough to look back on them with happy hearts. I am so very proud to present this very special wedding trailer. Congratulations to Kayla and Trevor, the new Mr. and Mrs. Long, may your lives be filled with countless blessings.

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