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Feel Again (Matt + Lizzie) by Chicago Wedding Videographers Turning Point Productions

Meet Matt and Lizzie! We had a blast with these two on their extraordinary wedding day at Salvage One in Chicago. We laughed, we cried, but mostly we had an amazing time. It was great working along side Caili Helsper Photography. Enjoy this little number presented by your friendly neighborhood Chicago wedding videographers Turning Point Productions.


Ceremony and Reception: Salvage One

Coordinator: Amy Stockbridge @ Big Easy Day

Photographer: Caili Helsper Photography 

Catering: Jordan’s Food of Distinction

Florist: Ridgewood Gardens

DJ: Ron Hernandez @ Spinnin’ Discs Entertainment


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Today, Tomorrow, and All The Days of Our Lives (Keith + Kristen)

Such an incredible day filled with love and laughter. We are so incredibly fortunate to do this for a living (Wedding video production, not blog posts-lol.) We LOVE our jobs! Congrats again to Keith and Kristen! Also, we had a fantastic time working with Katherine from Clover Events.


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#Mock in Love (Jake + Nickie) a sneak peek wedding trailer from your favorite Chicago wedding videographers

There is nothing sweeter than young love. Jake and Nickie met in high school and last month they celebrated their relationship with their incredibly talented friends and family at Carmichael’s Steakhouse in Chicago. Come rock out with this guitar hero and his beautiful cheerleader bride! Who has four thumbs and gets to work along side Lilly Photography, film a wedding with a groom singing a one-off Jack Johnson remake and hang out with a gorgeous bride? These two Chicago wedding videographers, that’s who.

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Faith (Trevor and Kayla)

It seems like a very short time ago my little niece was running around in a diaper being professionally adorable. I looked away for a moment and when I looked back there stood and extraordinary young woman who constantly inspires and impresses me. It is extremely astounding how fast every little moment in our lives come and go. We talk about them in anxious anticipation in what seems like a life time away. We experience them all too quickly and then we are fortunate enough to look back on them with happy hearts. I am so very proud to present this very special wedding trailer. Congratulations to Kayla and Trevor, the new Mr. and Mrs. Long, may your lives be filled with countless blessings.

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Such is Life, a destination wedding in Playa del Carmen Mexico

Vamos a la playa! Oz and Naile had an amazing destination wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Being snow riddled Midwestern folk, we obviously  jumped at the chance to shoot this January wedding. Their family and friends made us feel welcome and right at home. What a terrific collection of people! The speeches, the dancing , the volleyball and all the love in the air made for a great trip and wonderful wedding. Also, in Mexico they have these things called “Margaritas” and take our word for it, they are quite exceptional.


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Always the Beautiful

Josh and Natalie were married in one of the most amazing places we’ve ever had the privilege to film. If you’ve never been to Yosemite National Park, it should definitely go on the bucket list. It is a beautiful and humbling experience. My only complaint is that driving into the park along its constant winding roads is not the best way to find out you get motion sickness.

Josh and Natalie were joined by a small, intimate group of family and close friends. Josh’s dad is an ordained minister and acted as officiant. What a great feeling that must have been for them. We hope you enjoy their sneak peek wedding trailer.

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The New Luckiest Man in the World (Michael + Swathi)

Once we got off the plane in Washington D.C. and got all the gear into the rental car, a cool feeling sank in. It was Memorial Day weekend, I’m driving past the Washington monument and on my way to a very unique wedding. Just a mixed bag of thoughts really. Somber remembrance, nervous energy, anxious happiness, but then such is life. We’re constantly bombarded with different things on a daily basis.

Michael and Swathi’s wedding was different. It was different because there were two cultures merging together to form one family. It was different because Michael and Swathi are different. Refreshingly different. They are unique, just like their wedding. They are both so charming and personable and comfortable people to be around. After spending time with their families Friday night before the wedding, the origins of these traits were clear. Their families. Their different families. Different in many ways, but similar just as equally. The heart of these families are the same, loving and beautiful, warm and welcoming. We are honored to have been invited to meet these families and to tell the story of these two remarkable people. Here’s the trailer for Michael and Swathi’s upcoming Turning Point wedding film. Enjoy!

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Kate + Mike (a wedding videographer gets married)

Well, well, well. Back in August of 2012, the shoe (or in this case, the boot) was definitely on the other foot when our studio manager/wedding videographer Kate Haeger became Kate Bartelt. For those of you who’ve had Kate as your cinematographer, here’s your chance to see her on the other side of the camera. The wedding was great, Mike is an awesome guy, plus I finally got to meet Kate’s mom. She is a real sweetheart.

Kate made such a beautiful bride! There were so many cool little details the wedding had a personality all it’s own. On top of all that, I believe there’s a photo floating around of Kate in a wedding dress with the cops that showed up to quiet down the party. Congratulations to our favorite wedding videographer ever.

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The Movies (Jason + Melissa)

Melissa called us on a pleasantly hot day in June. Immediately, I noticed her extraordinary excitement when she started talking about her wedding. Now obviously all of our brides are excited about their wedding, but I think sometimes as you begin to take on the arduous task of putting it all together, every phone call becomes less and less noteworthy. Not the case with Melissa. Now, I’m the type of person that gets fired up when I’m around someone else who’s fired up. So we talked about all the cool details she and Jason were doing for their nuptials. I’m piecing together a storyboard in my head and we’re talking like nobody’s business.

Fast forward a year later, Kate and I have gone over our shot lists. Jason and Melissa have put together one amazing wedding. We’re having an incredible shoot. It’s a completely unique wedding and it’s lovely. The day goes fantastic and then we get to the reception and it happens. Melissa’s dad gives a delightfully clever speech that (just by looking at each other) Kate and I know is going to just take the trailer to a whole new level. So enjoy, and here’s to fans of movies, of love and of good people.

The Movies (Jason + Melissa) from Turning Point Productions on Vimeo.

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As Long As Our Hearts Are Beating (Lee + Ali)

Lee proposed to Ali at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. Now that’s a smooth dude. Obviously, she said yes and we were fortunate enough to be selected to produce their wedding film. It’s so great to see such emotion in a couple. Lee and Ali were so much fun to spend the day with. And how about all those cool Chicago locations! Wow. There’s some really beautiful details in all the places they picked.

Congratulations to you both, may you have a lifetime of happiness and fun.

As Long As Our Hearts Are Beating (Lee + Ali) from Turning Point Productions on Vimeo.

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