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White Dress (James + Antonietta)

If the last wedding trailer wasn’t from the hottest day of the year, this was. But you’d never know it by watching Toni and James. They still look incredible! Such great people to film, we are so lucky to do what we do. And how awesome is it that they met each other at a bus stop in Chicago. It was a classic tale of boy sees girl. Boy sees girl. Boy sees girl. Okay, okay boy finally gets the courage up to actually initiate a conversation with girl and as they say folks, the rest is history.

Congratulations to this wonderful couple. They made it so easy to do our jobs. We wish you the best of luck and an eternity of wedded bliss.

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My First True Love (Adam + Senneca)

Adam set up a surprise picnic at the Chicago Botanic Garden, next to a tree dedicated in memory of Fran Ditusa. He got Senneca to go down to the Gardens under the rouse of needing paperwork signed urgently for the memorial tree. Since they were already at the Gardens, Adam then suggested they take a walk to the tree. On arrival, Senneca saw the blanket and the picnic and Adam instantly took his position down on one knee behind her. When she turned around he proposed. The two of them went on to plan one of the classiest weddings in 2012.

They decided to bring things around full circle and get married at the Chicago Botanic Gardens which is an astonishing place and truly breath taking. Every detail from the bride’s dress to Adam’s wonderful speech, the specially choreographed first dance to the Rolls Royce in which they departed at the end of the reception was top notch. Watch the trailer and you can see that even the absolute hottest July day that Chicago could throw at them couldn’t take away from such an incredible event.

And I do mean hot.

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The Shape of Us (Kevin + Amber)

Simultaneously, it seems like a very long time ago and also like it was just last week. Once we get rolling in wedding season things get very busy. As a result, we’ve been absolutely absent with our blog. So for 2013, we plan to keep up with somewhat regular blog entries and website updates. Don’t expect too much though, after all -we’re artists. And timetables inherently don’t sit well with us. To start us out, here is a great trailer from summer 2012. Congratulations to Amber and Kevin. They share lots of wonderful things including being teachers and America’s favorite past time, baseball. Giving a nod to great baseball games everywhere, Amber and Kevin even had a late night hot dog vendor at their wedding. How cool is that?

Sit back and enjoy. Maybe the warmth of this trailer can help you out with those winter chills.


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Come Alive (Patrick + Jordan)

Patrick and Jordan are standing on a handmade wooden bridge spanning a small but deep enough pond at the Japanese Gardens. Kate is working closely with the photographer bottling some awesomeness as she’s known to do. I’m cooly composing a nice wide angle shot as I sometimes do then SPLASH! In that nanosecond it takes to turn your head to the left there are so many thoughts racing and bursting through my mind it’s staggering. Is that my camera? Bride? Groom? Was that a frog? Might of been a fish. Is that my camera? Bouquet? Maybe a walnut from a tree or someth- My Camera?!? I focus my gaze on four people, Kate, Patrick, Jordan and our beloved photographer. Check, all present and accounted for. My camera-check. So what in the hell made that noise? My gaze now connects with Kate’s. Except that her gaze is not one of a puzzling nature, she’s freaking out. I would be too if I just dropped my keys into the biggest koi pond this side of the Rockies. The long and short of it is that Kate is a pretty girl and there’s a high school boy that works at the Japanese Gardens who was willing to go in after the keys. I told him when he’s old enough I’d buy him a case of beer. All joking aside he really was the nicest kid, you can imagine. And thanks to him, we could film Patrick and Jordan’s wedding uninterrupted.

As for the couple, they didn’t drop anything into the small lake, but they did have an amazing wedding day filled with hilarious friends and family, tons of loved ones, great moments and a small power outage at the reception. Congratulations to Patrick and Jordan and thanks for inviting us out to be a part of such an awesome wedding. Check out their trailer to get a glimpse of the love these two share. It’s pretty cool.

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In Your Arms (Rich + Solongo)

It is a quiet Sunday in May, Mother’s Day to be exact. The sun is laying it’s warm light unto an ivy covered chapel at the University of Chicago. Inside there is a low hum of conversations, the laughter of a few children and . I meter the light, check my audio recorders one last time and then stopped. There was something that I couldn’t identify, something that had been trying to get my attention ever since I arrived for the bridal preparations. Then it became so clear. I could not help but notice this incredible feeling of peace. It lingered on the slight breeze coming from outside through the chapel doors. It filled the small room and embraced everyone in it. This was not our typical wedding. It was a small intimate affair with about 30 friends and loved ones in attendance. And that peaceful, easy feeling? Well the Eagles were no where in sight, but it would stay with us all day long. In retrospect, I suppose it was a combination of Rich and Solongo’s personalities as well as that of their families mixed in with a terrific lazy Sunday in the city of Chicago. Yes, my friends even the ever-crowded Michigan avenue seemed to be so with a pleasant manner. Riding in the limo with the newlyweds, some family members, Archie the puppy and the amazing photographer Millicent Wong felt like taking a cruise with some old friends.

Congratulations to Rich and Solongo and thanks for inviting us out to be a part of such an incredible and intimate event.

In Your Arms (Rich + Solongo) from Turning Point Productions on Vimeo.

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This Kind of Love (Jack + Dorin)

I met with Jack and Dorin downtown on their lunch break on a cool and windy autumn day (typical Chicago weather right?) that seemed like an long time ago. But before we knew it, we were shooting their wedding at the SS. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church followed by a romp through downtown Chicago and an elegant reception at Georgios Banquets. We had the pleasure to work alongside the very talented Brian Kinyon of Brian Kinyon Photography. You should click on his link, he’s got some great stuff.

Jack and Dorin have spent 8 amazing years together culminating in one very special day to enjoy with family and friends. Jack’s a happy man because he got to marry the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. We love the way these two look at each other. Enjoyable and just some nice people to be around, we hope our film has done their personalities justice. Enjoy!

This Kind of Love (Jack + Dorin) from Turning Point Productions.


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Need some advice on your new marriage?

Kelly and Adam had a remarkable wedding at the Danada House in Wheaton, IL. Their theme was a family tree and from the first time we talked with Kelly and Adam we knew this would be something truly unique and special.

Dozens and dozens of picture frames holding family memories and stories were all throughout the venue. You could have spent hours simply looking at all the photos. The reception cards were replaced with leaves from a hand painted tree. So much attention to family, we knew there was only one way to capture Adam and Kelly’s wedding day. We hope you enjoy and maybe you learn a thing or two.

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All This Time

The weather outside is frightful, but we’ve got something to warm your winter soul. Check out our latest sneak peek trailer from Matt and Brandi’s upcoming destination wedding film shot in Cancun, Mexico. Wow! Mexico. Those folks down at the Gran Caribe really like to pour drinks, which is good because we really enjoyed drinking them. We came back with a ton of great footage, new friendships and a fascination with the tequila sunrise.

Matt and Brandi are such an awesome couple. It was cool to spend time with them and really get to know them outside of their wedding day. Truly an amazing adventure was had by all. Now if our interns will get to work cleaning the sand out of all our equipment.

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Best of the Knot

We are proud to announce that Turning Point Productions has been rated by local brides and voted The Knot Best of Weddings 2011 Pick.

Thank you to all our wonderful brides (and grooms) for all your support. And an immense thank you to the hardest working crew in the business. Our wedding filmmakers are the most creative and talented I’ve ever seen. And quite a good looking bunch. Seriously though, thanks to everyone for the support and helping to spread the word. We are truly greatful to do what we do and look forward to another fantastic year. To celebrate, here’s part I of the British Invasion;

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Once Upon a Time… in Chicago

“So I’ll say action and you guys walk up to the balcony.”

“What do you want us to do?”

“Well just do what comes naturally, be yourselves.”

What followed was one of my favorite shots of the day. Just two people, in love, being themselves. That’s why we spend long hours on a shoot or at a computer editing.

Amit and Neha are truly one of a kind. Really a selfless, fun-loving couple. After they watched this video they told me it was a bit strange to have so much focus on them. Hodgepodge, I say enjoy it! You two truly deserve it and congratulations on your engagement. Can’t wait for the wedding next year in Atlanta. Buckle up, it’s going to be a ride. Now to figure out how to get that jib crane in my carry on bag.

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