So maybe it’s late and you don’t want to give us the wrong impression by calling at this hour of the night or maybe you just have some questions that are simply burning a hole in your brain and require immediate gratification. Either way that’s cool, we like that about you. You’re a real go-getter. It is for you that we have compiled this small list of important questions that get asked from time to time.

Why should we get a wedding video?

Why not!?! Next question… Just kidding. Look, a wedding film or video is truly the only medium that can capture the whole story that makes up your wedding day. Every aspect of you, your wedding day, your family and loved ones, it’s all there. Your day goes by so fast and even the best of us forget interesting details as time passes by. At the very least, a wedding video will preserve all these wonderful moments forever. The people and places, laughter and speeches, dancing, kissing and hugging -they will all be there long after your flower girl grows up and starts to drive. And that’s just the very least of it. Now imagine that your wedding day can be something so awesome and interesting that you will love, want and need to watch it over and over again. It is a real story that can be crafted just like a real film with real emotions, familiar voices and stunning visuals. That’s a whole new level of why.

Do you travel, if so how far? Do you offer destination wedding packages?

Yes, we offer destination wedding films on select packages for events that require travelling by plane. For something a bit more local, details can always be worked out, just ask. Have camera will travel. Last year took us from Milwaukee to Atlanta to Cancun. We enjoy filming in different locations from time to time. Spice it up a bit, heeyyy.

How long does it take to receive my dvd after my wedding?

Finished dvds typically take around 5 months. We’ve never had anyone complain if we called them after 3 months because it was finished early. There are a lot of factors that go into stuffing all that awesomeness into your dvd, be patient. To help smooth over the day to day longing to see your masterpiece, we’ll cut together a trailer for you to view as many times as your computer will let you. Because any good movie needs a trailer.

Speaking of awesomeness, how do you guys do what you do?

Okay, so I’m quite sure no one has ever asked that question verbatim, however, I feel it’s important to state that what really makes an incredible wedding film is you. We aren’t interested in making the next Turning Point Film, we want to make YOUR film. The only way to do that is to get to know you. Get inside your heads, respectfully, and figure out what makes you tick, what your story is, your exclusive nuances. The you-ness of being you. No worries though, we have a comfy couch with plenty of kleenex if that’s what it takes. More often we just ask the right questions and spark the right conversations. That seems to work just fine.

The other side of the production is the intangible collection of what we do. Somewhat equal parts creativity, hard work, constant education, experience, people skills and a little bit of luck. This is probably better explained by just watching a clip of one of our wedding films in our Theatre.

What all do I get and how long is it?

We have different options to customize any package. However, most of the time it breaks down like this: You will receive a dvd with your Feature Wedding Film, which is roughly 15 to 35 minutes. Along with your Feature Wedding Film, your dvd will contain a Bonus Materials section. In here you will find your Wedding Movie Trailer and Full versions of the Speeches from your reception. We will use some of the speeches to tell your story, but not necessarily all of them. So we figure you might like to have them, kind of a little wedding gift to you from us. Hooray. Who doesn’t like presents?

We do offer additional items such as the raw footage on hard drive or the wedding ceremony in it’s entirety, for example. Just ask- we can typically accommodate any request.

Is there anything I should be aware of or know before my wedding?

If you want us to create the best Wedding Film the world has ever seen, you should consider a few things when planning your wedding day. And this will help your photographer too, we’re not just being selfish. For example, think about where you’re getting ready (hair and makeup). Is there a nice natural light, maybe a big window? We’d recommend doing that before cramming into a dark corner of the room. We want to see how beautiful you are and trust us, you are beautiful. Speaking of lighting, you probably don’t need your reception to have the equivalent luminosity of a rain forest at midnight. It just complicates things and your guests will bump into tables and spill wine, it’s no good. We can and will send you some other thoughts or suggestions on creating your legendary wedding film once we get some other paperwork out of the way.

Who is Turning Point Productions?

We are a collective of artists, videographers, filmmakers and nice people. Kind of like the breakfest club of wedding videos, except I don’t think anyone on our team wrestles. We all have a background in film to one degree or another and that plays a big part in our productions. We also have a background in people. We enjoy them, we watch them, we talk with them and we shoot them- all the time (fine, with cameras, we shoot them with cameras). There is definitely a Turning Point style that we all adhere to but each of us have our unique little quirks and tastes. This makes for some great pairing with couples and shoots.

How about everything else?

We are fully insured, anyone you hire should be. We always have a back-up plan just in case of equipment failure, car accidents, etc… We belong to the Illinois Videographers Association as well as WEVA (wedding and event videographers association) which are state and national organizations aimed at making the world of wedding videos a better place. We also regularly attend educational webinars, meetups and seminars in an effort to constantly evolve what we do and make it better than it was yesterday. We belong to the Bloomingdale Chamber of Commerce too. In fact, we take care of all the video needs for the Chamber. That’s not something they just hand out to any kid on the street with a camera.


If you would like to see more Wedding Videos, Wedding Videography, Sneak Peek Wedding Trailers or Wedding Feature Films please visit the contact page, fill in your information and we’ll get back to you shortly. Of course if you would like you can also call us at 630.709.3845 for more information about our Wedding Videographers. We look forward to the hearing about your wedding.

Having trouble viewing these videos please visit us on our Vimeo Channel. You can click on the facebook link to view some of this year’s wedding so far. And feel free to comment on them or suggest our page to a friend. You’re awesome, thanks.


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