At Turning Point we work hard a lot of the time, but occasionally we step out of the Matrix to enjoy the finer things in life. Here’s a few suggestions from our family to yours.

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Scientific fact that you’ll live longer with the love of an animal in your life. My dog Tuttle is in fact certifiably crazy, but we love him anyway. “We can’t just go out and buy a dog” you say? Take your friend’s dog for a walk or a neighbor’s dog. You can even volunteer at an animal shelter. That there is a double whammy of kindness. Good for you, you’re so ambitious.

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Call Your Parents

They have no idea how busy you are! Everything from your job to working out, maintaining a social life and now planning a wedding, they truly have no idea. Throw school in the mix, ha -forget it. They have no idea! They can be cantankerous and absurd. Plus, did I mention, they have no idea how busy you are. But you have no idea how much they love you and a little phone call will do so much for their hearts. Go ahead, you got time.

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Singing in the Car

Roll the windows up if you have to or live dangerously and keep them down. Tune in your station, load the cd or plug in your ipod thingy majig and belt out the performance of a lifetime. You will feel at one with the universe if you just let loose. Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith really gets our crew going. My son Jack, he’s on a Bon Jovi tear lately. Yeah thanks mom. My daugter’s still too young, mostly just plays with her shoes. I don’t care what it is, I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. However I do sound pretty good in the car, must be the acoustics.

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Shark Week

It’s that time of the year when you can be scared sh*#less from the comfort of your own couch. A fantastic time to cuddle together and take in one of the most awesome and incredible creatures this planet has ever produced. Kate thinks they’re scary, I think they’re kind of cute in a weird “I can bite your leg off” way. So tune in and spend some quality time with your loved ones marveling at nature. Oh, and stick to swimming pools.

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I know it sounds funny, but trust me. I have two children who both enjoy coloring and I would oblige them from time to time. Mostly I would text or check emails (conduct business) while I talked with them during their art sessions. Then one day Jack asked me to color as well so I grabbed some crayons and joined in. I am not kidding you in the slightest. This was one of the most stress relieving, feelin’ mellow, good times I have ever had. So if you need to unwind or blow off some steam-grab some crayons and paper my friend. Maybe throw in a cocktail.

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Joes on Weed

Personally I have not been there as much as I would like, but our studio manager Kate insists that this place is the perfect place to see any band (especially country ones) Tickets and drinks are always cheap, staff is always friendly and timely, and it’s almost a sure bet that you’ll get to shake hands or get an autograph from whoever is performing that night! They have a huge variety of different artists and performers, so there is something for everybody. If you’ve never been to Joe’s before, you should definitely check it out! Music is food for the soul.

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Frank Sinatra once said “I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.” That always makes me chuckle, he also said “You gotta love livin’, baby, ’cause dyin’ is a pain in the ass.” So now that we’re full of Sinatra mantras, let’s poor a tall one, uncork that wine or mix up your favorite concoction. Let’s all utilize some self control here. Of course if you’re not 21 it’s illegal. There’s a lot to be cautious about with drinking, but there’s nothing like a couple drinks with some good friends on a summer night. Am I right? Just remember, call a cab, a friend or just hoof it home.

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Kung Fu Hustle

I am a sucker for kung fu movies. My wife, not so much. So trust me when the inevitable debate concerning what to watch this evening arises and is prefaced by the fact that the girl has picked something like the last hundred, give this one a try. There’s a great love story, tons of comedy, an epic dance number, really fit dudes and of course super sweet kung fu. If your fiance enjoys these kinds of movies in the slightest he will absolutely love Kung Fu Hustle and you will get some well earned cool points which you can later trade in to get him to go along with your womanly plans.


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