Every now and again, happypeople like to write us happymessages about how happythey are after watching their trailer or film and that makes us… well… overjoyed. Feel free to peruse the love herein;

Hey Frank-
     I have now watched the video at least 10 times!!  I can’t stop-after this email I am going to go and watch it some more.  You are so talented in what you do and you should never stop!  I knew you would do a good job but you have FAR exceeded my expectations!  When I saw it the 1st time I had tears in my eyes. You captured so many moments that I know what I was thinking right when it was taken and it was such a great way to remember!  And this is only after 3 mins!!!
    I don’t know if you care but some of the things I love are: How you wrote my name on the aisle, there is a shot of the flowers on the left and the cake on the right (AWESOME), the shot of me through the fence, how we start kissing in one scene and then finish in another (love it), the chairs in the fireplace area and how it is choppy!!!  I have to admit I was a little worried about the pinball guy and the video but you did it perfectly. Not too much but you got your point across.  I also love how you captured us doing things that were in the song.  And I really like the cover of the video.  So I pretty much listed everything but those were some details that I noticed that were awesome!
    One more quick story.  I have never heard that song before but tonight when I was driving home I heard it on the radio and I totally turned it up and danced while driving home!!!  I am so happy and I can never put into words what this means to me so thank you from the bottom of my heart.
See you soon
Sorry this was so long

Nicole L.

Our wedding video is awesome! We have watched it over and over and have passed it on to all our friends and family and it is a big hit with everyone! So many people have told me that they never watch their own video because it is hours long, and most of the video is shot from a tripod in the corner of the reception room, with their distant cousin dancing like a fool. Our video is like a rock video, it’s the perfect song, the scenery we wanted, all done in a really fun, creative way. You were able to capture our emotions, and put the whole day together into a music video style montage that we share with everyone we know! Check out our video, hello I’m Chika-want to watch our video. You really have a talent for this. We really like the  longer video that includes all the vows and speeches, but the shortened video is the one that gets all the great comments from friends. I would highly recommend Turning Point Productions to capture and create a memorable and watchable fun wedding video to anyone! Just ask.


Chika J.

Frank and his team from Turning Point Productions could not have done a better job. Frank was really interested in getting to know myself and Mark before the wedding so that in the end our video would reflect us and our personalities… and mission accomplished! The TPP team really stepped up to the plate on the day of and out did our expectations. They were as excited and enthusiastic about our day as we were but so unobtrusive that at times we didn’t even know they were there! They captured moments that we did not even know happened as well as all the great moments we did! The amount of coverage we received was perfect and there is nothing that we felt got left out… Frank and his team’s editing is beyond incredible! We have already watched the video about a 1,000 times and it will be viewed over and over forever. Thank you SO SO SO much to Frank and his team for giving us a wedding video and service that surpassed our expectations in every way . The best!

Caitlin S.

This is f*#king awesome.  Sorry, I couldn’t think of any other way to say it!  Thank you and can’t wait for the full wedding movie!!!

Amit T.

FRANKKKKK this is SOOOOOO amazing!! you are truly the best!! we could not be happier with it!!! YAYYYYY can’t wait to see the rest! probably not gonna sleep till then lol btw the song u put to it couldn’t be more perfect!!! THANKKKKKKK you!!!!


Dude, that was unbelievable! Thank you so much for doing this for us. We will cherish that video for the rest of our lives. We are so glad u were able to go, and I hope u both had a great time. Again, thank you!

Brandi and Matt

I can never get these to work on my computer. How come? I’m sure they’re lovely. I see everyone on the computer talking on how nice they are, I can believe them. Can you bring me a videotape when you come home. When are you coming home? I would like to see those babies and your wife.

Love you,


Frank, I’ve seriously watched this a good 20 times already, I can’t get enough of it!! It’s seriously the best video I’ve ever seen you guys make – maybe it’s just because it’s my own wedding, but the raw emotion throughout the entire thing is unbelievable. We absolutely love it, John’s actually out of town hunting as we speak and he watched it in his truck on his phone and said he went in for breakfast with the guys with tears in his eyes lol! I cannot wait for the full version!!!! Hope you and your family have a very blessed Thanksgiving!!

Misty T.

Turning Point Productions is extremely talented and they created an absolutely spectacular wedding video for me and my husband to have forever. They captured everything that we could have hoped for and more. They were non-intrusive which was one of my biggest concerns, I didn’t even know they were there! I would recommend TPP to anyone that was looking for a wedding videographer, they are sure to exceed expectations!

Erin O.

Frank and his TPP team are incomparable. Very creative, professional, and personable- and VERY non-intrusive on your wedding day! We worked with Kate and she was absolutely AWESOME. Our wedding video is our most treasured reminder of our wedding- my husband and I were both crying the video was THAT good! If you want to make sure all those little special moments are captured on your big day and interwoven into a spectacular and personal wedding video, the obvious choice is TPP!

Sarah D.

If you are looking for something beyond the standard videography, FRANK at Turning Point Productions is your man. I had reviewed several companies prior to finding TPP, and was incredibly impressed by the videos I saw. I thought I wanted the traditional cookie cutter basic video to capture all of our special wedding day moments… but then I was sent a short form video developed for another couple by Turning Point. It was the most beautiful montage of a wedding day that I have ever seen. It was expertly crafted to blend unique moments with meaningful music, like a true MOVIE of your big day that can be watched over and over again. We were just married a few weeks ago, and Frank’s team was amazing. We hardly noticed they were there filming the entire day, and I am so excited to see the finished product. While it was more expensive than I budgeted for, I think you absolutely get what you pay for!!

Judy P.



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