The Movies (Jason + Melissa)

Melissa called us on a pleasantly hot day in June. Immediately, I noticed her extraordinary excitement when she started talking about her wedding. Now obviously all of our brides are excited about their wedding, but I think sometimes as you begin to take on the arduous task of putting it all together, every phone call becomes less and less noteworthy. Not the case with Melissa. Now, I’m the type of person that gets fired up when I’m around someone else who’s fired up. So we talked about all the cool details she and Jason were doing for their nuptials. I’m piecing together a storyboard in my head and we’re talking like nobody’s business.

Fast forward a year later, Kate and I have gone over our shot lists. Jason and Melissa have put together one amazing wedding. We’re having an incredible shoot. It’s a completely unique wedding and it’s lovely. The day goes fantastic and then we get to the reception and it happens. Melissa’s dad gives a delightfully clever speech that (just by looking at each other) Kate and I know is going to just take the trailer to a whole new level. So enjoy, and here’s to fans of movies, of love and of good people.

The Movies (Jason + Melissa) from Turning Point Productions on Vimeo.

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