The Shape of Us (Kevin + Amber)

Simultaneously, it seems like a very long time ago and also like it was just last week. Once we get rolling in wedding season things get very busy. As a result, we’ve been absolutely absent with our blog. So for 2013, we plan to keep up with somewhat regular blog entries and website updates. Don’t expect too much though, after all -we’re artists. And timetables inherently don’t sit well with us. To start us out, here is a great trailer from summer 2012. Congratulations to Amber and Kevin. They share lots of wonderful things including being teachers and America’s favorite past time, baseball. Giving a nod to great baseball games everywhere, Amber and Kevin even had a late night hot dog vendor at their wedding. How cool is that?

Sit back and enjoy. Maybe the warmth of this trailer can help you out with those winter chills.


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